SAM 2531

Queen as a fox on Lif with carcass of dead player

SAM 2533

Queen as a rabbit on Lif

SAM 2454

Queen as a starling in Hillscape 1with luigi her boyfriend hacks and make lagging the game

SAM 2451

Queen and her fawn on Lif

Queen is everywhere. She's had a million names. It's pretty obvious that her favorite name is "Queen". She doesn't hack, contrary to popular belief. She can spam and be a noname, but that's just a matter of copying and pasting, isn't it? Anyway, she knows the game like the back of her hand. She's super fast and super accurate. She's known for weaving in and out of things so quickly that people trailing her will crash. You can either be her friend or her enemy. Most of the time, she's your enemy. She has been known to have a few allies, though. Well, if you pick a fight with her, she's not gonna give up until she wins. Seriously. No lie. 

Other info:

-Sometimes has mates, most change their name to King, the longest mate she had was Soaren.

-Sometimes lets people be her daughters/sons

-Used to be a seagull and occasionally roleplay

-Kills anyone else named Queen(or King)

-Poops mostly on larger birds

-Almost always a starling

-Dislikes robins

-Spams her name, random sentences, or random lists

-Usually has a fancy letter name but she changes it a lot

-Turns into a no-name to sneak attack

-poops on people who sit doing nothing for too long

-Kills people that have nests, eggs, or chicks, but sometimes helps them instead.

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