Red Shadow is a assassin of The Guild of Legends. She is also known as The Cruel Butcher.


Red Shadow wears a dark-red cloak linked to a red hood, she has a pale face, cobalt blue eyes, and her straight hair is a clean blonde. She has large black feathered wings stained with fresh blood, and also has a halo which glows red; she can command her halo and wings to appear anytime. She has pitch-black leather boots with heels, and has a familiar that is a truck-sized serpent called Mist. She is equipped with duel curved daggers which is enveloped by an azure aura. Red Shadow is able to turn into a shadow at will. She is also the daughter of a pirate.


Summoning - She can summon a tornado of any element and can summon the God of Death, Grim, who can appear in any form.

Fog Manipulation

Familiar Magic

Blood Magic


  • Red Shadow
  • Mist

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