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The Robin's model in-game.

The Robin is the smallest playable bird (only slightly smaller than the Starling) and was introduced along with the addition of Snowscape. When the Robin was first introduced, its metabolism was incredibly fast, meaning its poo meter levels would decrease drastically at a fast rate, which also meant that the Robin would be more quicker and easier at losing lives than other birds. However, the Robin was later updated and its metabolism and poo meter were improved.
Aman - Kopie

Robins fighting.

Robins are most often used similarly to Starlings and have the most rapid wing beat of all playable birds. The Robin's diet is the same as the Starling, as well which is chips, cherries, and pizza.


The Robin is often the most commonly used bird. Apparently, the Starling used to be almost equal in frequency to the Robin, then its popularity was eclipsed by the Robin. It is very popular with role players due to its small size, which in turn helps them from getting killed while typing. In a much darker view, role players using Robins can also oust any outsiders easily, due to their hit box and maneuverability. 

Robins have a reputation of being killers. They are used the most for player killing. However, due to the Swan's popularity. Robin groups are now rare and the only place to find this rarity any way is in the city. This is good news for other bigger birds, as Robins do kill any birds that come into the group which is the power of keeping the overflow of players is gone and it is much harder to get into a chat room.

Please don't add your own player names on the official bird pages. Edit

Bad person, no thug life for u! D:< (the names have nothing to do with the actual birds in the game, PLEASE make your own page!)

Glitches Edit

Robins can go underground in hillscape, and snowscape.

Robins can get inside houses in cityscape.

Robins can walk into big buldings in cityscape.

Robins are the 2nd fastest bird on fly like a bird 3.

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