Rogues are lone birds with no clan. They may not be interested in joining a group or have been kicked out of their group.


Rogues are usually nice to other birds unless attacked. However, some of them can be assassins and will kill for fun. They can be dangerous, but some of them are nice and may help with birds' nests and will feed their chicks.


Rogues are sometimes neutral and won't attack unless they are attacked first. Others are assassins and kill for fun. Some of them are peacekeepers, but this is rare. Some rogues could be hackers or they may be seeking to destroy a clan. Most of the philosophy of the rogues is unknown, except for the fact that many of them are not trusted and shunned by other birds.

Assassin RoguesEdit

Assassin Rogues are very dangerous and will kill for fun. They may fight alone or bring other rogues with them. Assassin Rogues may often build a Rogue Army, which is a group of rogues that kill and troll for fun. Assassin Rogues are often hackers. Assassin Rogues that are alone can be pretty dangerous, but a Rogue Army is very dangerous and they can be very difficult to kill.

Peacekeeper RoguesEdit

Peacekeeper Rogues are very friendly rogues. They like to help with other birds' nests and feed their chicks. They will often not attack anyone at all, but they might attack if they are attacked first. Some Peacekeeper Rogues may be hackers, but usually only so they can defend other non-hacking birds. They might make a Peacekeeping Group, which is a friendly army that defends other birds but rarely kills.

Neutral RoguesEdit

Neutral Rogues do not attack others unless they are attacked first. They are usually quiet and don't talk much, staying away from other birds to avoid being attacked. They are somewhat seen as mysterious, since they sometimes sit back and watch the other birds instead of doing anything in the game. They play the game normally like everyone else, but they may also go on killing sprees when they are bored. Some Neutral Rogues may be hackers, but they often do not abuse their hacking abilities. These rogues are friendly unless threatened.

Known RoguesEdit

Retaliate (Neutral Rogue)

Daloka (possibly an Assassin Rogue)

Luna (Neutral Rogue)

Star (Assassin Rogue)

Dragonfly (Neutral. I'm still dangerous though...)

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