Karma's gonna come collect your debt.

Full Name

Rook Fayvel








The Mountains


Neutral (Must be provoked)


"Robins, the cowards of the sky..."

Rook Fayvel (alias Rookie, Rook) is a lone Macaw that tends to stay on the edge of populated areas, watching the happenings carefully. He has scars across his breast that disrupted the regrowth of feathers, leaving permanent, noticeable lines. There are more minor scars on his beak and legs. Notably, his right leg has a metal band with a red ribbon tied to it. He's cited this as simply a means to individualize himself.

Rook rejects the idea of integrating himself into a group- be it army, clan, or tribe. "Groups cause either division and fighting, or suppression and anger" he'd mutter bitterly, and he's mentioned he dislikes how Birdland is now held wholly under one totalitarian group, believing birds should live as individuals or families as they please. This makes him an enemy or rebel to some, and he generally stays away from heavily populated areas because of it. Also adding to others' suspicion of him is the fact he hacks, although he is not a bad hacker: his only goal is to help others and defend them, and himself, as necessary.

While Rook generally does his best to give others the benefit of the doubt, due to his long history with them he despises robins, and is very quick to insult them should they start trouble. This only happens if they do start trouble, though, and he'll gladly help a robin should they show they're a decent bird.

Copying Edit

Others often use the names Rook/Rookie. He doesn't mind this on it's own, but finds it tedious when they claim he's faking or copying them, or even tarnish the name. This Rook's behavior is generally friendly and talkative. He never follows or lead others unless asked, and doesn't spam. He tends not to make nests, and only plays the macaw.

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