Sasbas is a player who mostly of the time appears as an eagle, but in unique cases as a robin. As an eagle he is a very experienced player, and if he is away, you almost arentt able to catch him Ingame he can be seen as 'sasbas'. Sasbas wil also sometimes appear as a no name, just for fun.

Sasbas is a nice player, he will try to help with nests, and will only poop on Those who try to kill people with nests. Sometimes he Will build a own nest, but only on a secret place, no birds know from. Or on very strategical places.

Sasbas will also go on a killing spree when he is bored. If he does, he will fly over other birds too poop on them, and then he will make a turn to do the same.

He will also try to make contact with other people.

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