The Seagull is a playable bird that was first introduced to Fly Like a Bird 3 and is the first bird, before the swan, able to swim without damaging HP. They are also the only birds able to fall/dive from high distances without crashing. Despite this however, they are seldom used, except possibly in the islands, where they seem to be more popular. Like the Crow, a Seagull's diet consists of every various choice of food in the game, except cherries, making them omnivorous.
I6 - Kopie
They are quite popular with hackers. Several glitches are only exploitable with a Seagull, like the underground glitch in the Hillscape, where there is only water under the ground. Since the addition of fish on the newest update, Seagulls can catch fish in any body of water, though it is unknown if fish are underground. 

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Flight PatternEdit

One of the reasons why it is so unpopular with players, is because of its slow flight and gliding speed (slower than a Crow, Starling, and Robin). One of its gimmicks is walking in the water and never getting hurt. Flying out of the water is still just as slow as other birds. Another gimmick is its slow falling speed that turns any fall into a gliding jump. This often results in awkward attempts of retrieving items on the ground. It still crashes if flying straight into a wall, just not as easily as other birds.


  • Seagull can go underground in Snowscape, and Hillscape without hacks.
  • Seagulls can get into a shack in Hillscape without hacks.
  • Seagulls can gain entrance into a rock in Snowscape without hacks.

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