Shadowwolf Edit

Shadowwolf was a famous hacker in Fly Bike a Bird 3. He was known to attack a lot with the poo hack and the sneak hack. He was also known to be very suspicious about everything. He no longer plays the game as of June 2013, although sometimes he goes to industry 6 to try out some hacks. He reappeared in the autumn of 2015, playing the game for one week. He has later been sighted around christmas 2015.

Through the years Shadowwolf has had a lot of clones and other people stating to be Shadowwolf. The original Shadowwolf described on this page does not have any youtube channels as a lot of his clones state they do. Clones pretend to be him because they think they can get attention this way. Shadowwolf used to kill any clones of him the moment he saw them, but nowadays he just makes them look ridiculous.

Hacks Edit

Shadowwolf used a lot of hacks in the game, the most important ones are listed below:

Hack Function
Immortality Allows him to be immortal
Twighack Allows him to make twigs very fast
Teleport Allows him to teleport to any location
Sneakhack Allows him to become invisible
Birdchange Allows him to change his bird type without logging off
Poo hack Allows him to poo rapidly
Walk in air Allows him to walk in air in any scape
Super chick Allows him to make giant chicks
Spam hack Allows him to generate waves of spam
Clone hack Allows him to clone any name
"the ultimate hack" The ultimate hack consists of three parts:
  1. The poo spear: allows him to lock onto a target or a specific spot and fire a poo ray there
  2. The poo blast: allows him to create a huge explosion of poo around him
  3. Immortal killing: allows him to kill any hacker, giving him the nickname "the ultimate hacker"
Name change Allows him to change name while in a room. It also allows him to use decorated names or names that have been blocked.

These are just a few hacks he used or talked about a lot, it's possible that there are many more.

Sightings Edit

Shadowwolf left the game halfway through June 2013, although he's been sighted afterwards, mostly in Industry 6. Up until the autumn of 2015, he was barely spotted. In the autumn of 2015, he reappeared in the rooms cityscape 1 and cityscape 7 quite often. He left after one week of playing the game though. During the christmas of 2015, he once again reappeared in cityscape 1 and cityscape 7. He was also seen halfway through May of 2016.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hehehehe" : A laugh he often uses
  • "You can't catch a shadow": Often used when attacking and using the sneak hack
  • "Adieu": Often used when someone leaves the room

He also winks a lot

Name Edit

It is unclear where shadowwolf got his name from. Although he did give a bit of information on why he chose this name. The name was based on a character in a story he wrote when he was younger. The character Shadowwolf in this story, would sometimes appear as a pitch-black wolf with lime green eyes that could light up.

Shadowwolf uses a couple of other names too. A list of them is given below:

  • Guardian
  • Infinity
  • Frost
  • Aquor
  • Igna
  • Aero
  • Shock
  • Mente
  • Final laser
  • Energia
  • Excitans

It is believed these names originated from the same story as the name shadowwolf came from.

The creator of cheats Edit

Shadowwolf can often be found creating new hacks. He is believed to be one of the few hackers who actually make new hacks themselves. Shadowwolf is known for creating hacks with a lot of impact on the game. His most notable hack is the sneakhack, which he uses often.

Shadowwolf often calls himself a programmer, so it is believed he knows how to program cheats. It is even believed he wrote a plugin for Cheat Engine himself that would allow him to extend his game dramatically, giving him extra chatbox windows, or allowing him to locate nonames.

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