Smile Team is a team that the famous hacker, , claims to possibly make one day.

Possible MembersEdit

The members of soon-to-be Smile Team are said to have just symbols in their names. Some possible members are:

  •  (Smile, possibly going to be making Smile Team)
  • ❦ (Strawberry Heart)
  • ღ (Heart)
  • ✞ (Cross)
  • ✐ (Pencil)
  • ✄ (Scissors)
  • ✯ (Star)
  • ☠ (Skull)
  • ✔ (Check Mark)
  • ✿ (Flower)

​Forming Smile TeamEdit

Although Smile Team is not yet formed, if it is it will be very dangerous.  is one of the most dangerous hackers on Flab3 and nobody knows whether or not the team will be friendly or not.

News and dicussion about Smile TeamEdit


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