Promo snowscape.

The Snowscape is the fourth available landscape within the Fly Like a Bird 3 game. It is characterized by being completely engulfed by snow, along with several wooded cabins. Three snowmen are also available within the landscape and can be used as perching places for birds. Within the center of Snowscape, there is a frozen lake which is commonly used for ice skating. The Snowscape can also be used to perform the underground glitch, along with the hillscape.


  • Reportedly, most attacks by the Twin Starling Assassins are performed in the Snowscapes. 
  • ≈•≈Lord Shen≈•≈ knows how to get in a tree in the Snowscape.
  • The underground glitch is possibly the most commonly used glitch in the scape.
  • there are lots of glitches in the snowscape, underground glitch,building glitch and tree glitch

Gamevial! xD

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