Let me see i should write about Starstruck and her chewwies.

ummm she doesn't like cherries she likes cookies. and I took it. She got sad. Not much consequence. and she told me its cookies not cherries herself.  ~♥αℓρнαƒιяєωⓞℓƒ♥

star struck the lover of chewwies X3Edit

starstruck loves her cherries that much on the game that she hates it if u take them from her, no matter what friend or no friend she will kill you, as i found out.

what happened when i took her cherries X3Edit

from the start of the game i ate her chewwies and everyone was after me then a list of people that killed me

~Starstruck her self


they killed me so many times that i had to fake i was someone else lol.

so if i were i wouldnt take them anytime because her friend ate them when she was gone but she wasnt she came back as someone else so dont take any of the cherries at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol didnt know that :) 12:44, September 23, 2013 (UTC)~ DinosauR

I haven't seen Starstruck for a long time ;-; I hope she comes back to Flab... ~F!regirl.

Firegirl i only just started to go back on flab haha, I go on it every now and again but not for long :)) hope to see you again ^-^ ~ StarStruck

Starstruck!!!!! Welcome back!!! ^o^ great to see you again :3 ~F!re.

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