The swan is an accesible bird in Fly Like a Bird 3. It is also the newest and largest bird added to Fly Like A Bird 3. It was introduced in Version 2.882. Due to its large size and slow speed, the swan is a terribly vulnerable target. The swan is the second bird added that has the ability to swim. The swan can eat cherries, pizza and chips. However unlike the seagull, the swan cannot eat fish.


The swan has a white body, a white tail, white wings and white head. The beak is a red-orange colour with a black cere. The eyes and the lump above the eyes are also black. The feet are a dark grey and webbed. With these details, one can tell the swan is based off a Mute swan.

Flight Pattern

The swan's flight pattern, speed and animations of the head are the same as the seagull, however the long neck bends down in a straight horizontal line and bobs slightly whenever the bird beats its wings. In flight, the legs go back and the feet are raised and twisted slightly inwards.The swan can also land too hard; much easier than the seagull.


The call of the swan when the player chats is of a short sound that is similar to a short chirping. The swan will hiss when it takes damage.


The swan's nest, and chick, is around the same size as the eagle's. The egg of the swan is purely white.


  • There is an enclosed shack in Hillscape, which swans can gain entrance to.
  • swans are able to fit inside many buildings in the Cityscape, Industry and the Snowscape.
  • Swans can get underground every scape without hacks. In snowscape go to the normal underground area, but go to the little lump a few birds away.
  • (Fixed in 2.883) swan chicks could not grow into actual swans and instead remained in their nests even after receiving the notification saying your chick has grown up.