== anonymous crew


actually if anyone remebers immadude aka drake im a random person this whole time youjust gotta find me in one of the last to citys maggie madi im back with more people we are anyomous i need hackers and the strogest people in the team just say anonymous in the last 2 citys if your in kill anyone you see you'll never see us coming 

immadude is back mofo Edit

oh yeah one more thing skullheads will never go down immadude out 

#immadude Edit

omg immadudes back yes 

Cute. You're talking to yourself. But seriously, I don't really care. You'd better get off your high horse soon, buddy. ~Aquila

Do anyone remember that something that happens in city 1 Friday that clone of king Godzilla come keep trying to get stormfly when supergodzilla beat him he say I tre of clone 1 was fake supergodzilla 2 fake king godzilla 3 anther fake king godzilla and fake king godzilla then he say hear me then he say everyone get up and fight today we will fight back we will not be puss around anymore we will rise to the top fight back don't let them kill u you kill them today we fight back then everyone then stormfly say I on ur side then everything was with him when kk was attacking they work together beat then one of them so we kill OK he say if he try to kill u you kil him then he say as one we can't be beat I ain't losing about it happens

Someone has stolen my artwork and uploaded it to this wiki. How do I remove it? 16:41, September 6, 2015 (UTC)

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