Tegan is a griefer robin who usually haunts city6 or 7 with her teammate jack london(the ringneck).

She has exceptional maneuverability with the robin.




"no" - standard responce to anything she disagrees with, really

"no!!!"- when she strongly opposes something

"kill noname"

"you are the only faggot here!!!!" -in responce to someone calling her a faggot

"master ot pain!" - Her reaction to the way Master of Pain(a hacker) did his fancy letters. For some reason, this started a fire.

"nue!!! nue!!! nue!!!" - Shouting the name of the noname who attacked her


Harasses and terrorizes random birds in the city, especially perfect wolf <3, who she hunts down with Jack

She has been known to verbally harass players, though her only full-on outburst was justified(she was verbally harassed just before that)

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