Hello fellow birdlanders! Its me, King Macaw, here to announce the opening of The First Bank Of Birdland! Here, you can store money, loot, and things that you have bought! To start an account, make a new heading, and title it "(your name here's) Vault. For example, "Red's Vault". You can store anything in your vault. Stay safe!

Rules Edit

There is no such thing as "Robbing Banks" if we see someone changing anything in a vault, it will be changed back, to no effect.

You can ask someone to loan you money, or wire money to your account, but do NOT do it yourself.

King Macaw's Vault Edit


тнє ¢яσωη σƒ вιя∂ℓαη∂

Property Deed: Cityscapes 1-7

Property Deed: Hillscapes 0-0( reconquered by robins)

Property Deed: Islands 0-0( reconquered by the robins)

Property Deed: Industries 1-7

Property Deed: Snowscapes 0-0( reconquered by the robins)

Property Deed: Hillscape -0 ( reconquered by the Robins)

List of reserved names: King Macaw, asasin, royalasasin, boneclaw, bone claw, viper, nestbuilder, diverdan.

тнє вσηє ∂αggєя

The Macaw Republic's Vault Edit


200 tanks

500 armored vehicles

1,000 jeeps

100 jet fighters

50 cargo planes

1,000 battleships

2,000 patrol boats

10 aircraft carriers

QueenEcho( Queen of the robins) 's vault

Property Deed: All natural scapes 1-7

Queen Crown

2,000 twigs

Robin Republic's vault

1,000 swords

6,000 bomber jets ( 18 bombs in each)

17,0000m bombs

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