Hello, its me, King Macaw! Here at the general store, you can use the doubloons you've earned up to buy stuff here! Look below for items to buy! To know that you have made a purchase, put whatever item you bought into The Shopping Cart section. No username needed.

Items For Sale Edit

Food Edit

  • Sailor Biscuit 1§
  • Loaf of bread 2§
  • Croissant 4§
  • Chips 5§
  • Pizza 7§
  • Cherries 8§
  • Carcass 9§
  • Exotic Cured Ham From Eastern Birdland 11§ *OUT OF STOCK*

Tools And Useful Items Edit

  • Small hammer 5§
  • Dull blade 6§
  • Swiss Army Knife 20§ *OUT OF STOCK*
  • Gunpowder 15§
  • Camping Supply Box (comes with tent, charcoal, matches, lighter, food, water, and a used hatchet. can be dropped by plane because it has a parachute attached to it.) 95§

Shopping Cart Edit


Money In Cash Register: 0§

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