There was a lone crow in the barn, who nested with a egg of the hue blue before the Owls of Eight came. He was chosen for a heir by their holy eyes, eyes of sixteen, with faces pale of the moon and snow of the Snow of the first. Lone, was the crow Tlitoo with no mate to help the nest nor the egg he sat on for days, he was nothing at the time with nothing to speak for, until the owls of eight came for him. Eight barn owls, gliding on feathers of light, and dark eyes that glowed with the heavens, they descended from the thick swirling clouds that were lined silver. They came to the barn where Tlitoo lay with his egg, knowing his royal future, they widened their dark eyes to his dark feathers. The crow of royal blood stood before the Owls of Eight, they spoke only "0_0" from the start, staring upon the crow who was alone in the sacred barn where the princess were to be hatched. Tlitoo knew not of his duties, only that to raise his egg of hue blue, while the Owls of Eight knew all, and spoke to him "Master", bound to his royalty by the word of the Holy Goose who reined over even them, who sent them to the new king. "King" a Owl of Eight told Tlitoo, who was surprised at these owls who were lined in front of him.

Tlitoo requested bedding for his egg, hue of blue, and a Owl of Eight left and brought back a tan twig to the new king, as a new owl joined the Owls of Eight and make a owl of nine. Nine was the deathly number for the Owls of Eight, and they knew by the Holly Goose's honk that it would be their return to their god, and they embraced it. Tlitoo watched as the Owls of Eight were assassinated by a owl of nine, a fallen crescent moon eyed barn owl, with talons of harden blood. Their feathers were shrouded in blood, they fell from the rafters, onto the frosted grass of the barn just as the owl of nine turned to Tlitoo, desire to murder the new born king, but he was to fail. The Owls of Eight had blessed Tlitoo with their eyes of crescents, eyes of Sixteen, with the blessing of the Holly Goose, so that a knight of no name would fly to the barn. Descended, the Knight of No Name flew to the new king, the small of a robin's body, but the heart of a swan in it's chest, it took down the owl of eight with ease, before bowing his golden back-feathers to Tlitoo. "King", he said at first, claiming he would protect the royal Tlitoo, while helping raise the egg of hue blue. Not long after, the Eagles of Condemnation reined down on the barn, talons of blackened shale flew upon the rafters of the barn.

Try as they had, Tlitoo and the Knight of No Name fought the Eagles of Condemnation, alas it was the first death of King Tlitoo, but not a long death, as the Owls of Eight res erected his royal body and wings. The Knight of No Name had driven of the most of the Eagles of Condemnation, with not a scratch upon his feathers, and he was holly, and blessed Tlitoo's egg of hue blue, now


broken, so that the princess may hatch a second time. King Tlitoo build the royal set up once more, and hatched the egg, hue of blue, into the princess, as the Knight of No Name fought the Eagles of Condemnation that rained upon the barn. Bloody was the fight, but the Knight of No Name prevailed against all the odds, for the king he loved so dearly, as much to risk his mortal body and wing for his new king.

All was well, eagle feathers vanishing from the barn floor as the bodies of the Owls of Eight had, fading to the Trench that the Eagles of Condemnation came from, where as they would plot against King Tlitoo for the rest of his lives. Alas, there was a new threat worse then the Eagles of Condemnation, Starling of Few was the next to take Tlitoo's second life, whilst the Knight of No Name brought more for the egg of hue blue. The king fell once more, and the princess died once again in the cold blue cage, and the knight grieved once more before killing the Starling of Few once, and then twice. Tlitoo was res erected once more, flying down from the silver clouds that the Owls of Eight had, upon the mound of snow, where is blood was shed three more times by a robin of no name, with wings of speed and blade. Many times Tlitoo was killed before Knight of No Name felled the robin of no name, and returned the king to the warmth of the barn where a eagle of the name Sky King rested.

Still shaken from defending the king, The knight of No Name attacked the unknown eagle, but stopped once he head the voices of the Owls of Eight. This eagle was to be a holly knight was No Name was, and so it was just for him to live. King Tlitoo knighted Sky King before being attacked once more by the Starling of Few, and as such the king and his knights moved to the next snowy grounds. Sky King was taken by the heavens, transformed into a robin, a knight, with not a memory of the Owls of Eight. Stayed for long, did King Tlitoo, before leading his knights, now Knight of the Skies, Sky King, and the Knight of No Name, Noname, to a hilly green land, with a closed barn, and a few houses, it was the new land where it would be the birthing ground of the princess.


So it was, the knights looked for a spot to hatch the princess, first finding a good place near the houses, but a better by the cave of the rocks. King Tlitoo nested, with the tan lighted twigs brought by the holly guards who stood by him. The princess hatched, the egg hue of blue glowing before bursting, bringing forth the life of the princess, unnamed, while quickly being fed by the king. She had never grown up in the end, as King Tlitoo, and the Knight of the Sky left, leaving the Knight of No Name to venture away from the land, to protect the innocent birds. You may see the Knight of No Name in the cities, or with King Tlitoo, a very strange character, very double-bladed, but may you simply as him, and he shall tell you correct.


This, ladies and gentlemen is was staying till 4:00 a.m. does to you, oh well. I turned a funny little thing into a true story, read if you want.


(No Name)



Found in:

Noname can be found in the cities, protecting, but he may move

Tlitoo can be found in Hillscape and Snowscape, where it is less popuulated

SkyKing's places are unknown


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