This Clan Was Made By Pluto And Madi.

It Was Made On June 6th, 2014.

It Has No Members Besides The Two That Have Made It.

They Will Be Finding New Members For Awhile.

They Will Ask There Members What They Want Their Picture To Be.


Madi- Creator, Leader

Pluto- Creator, Leader

Want To Be A Member? Ask Them!

About The Clan:Edit

This Clan Will Have Many Enemys And Many Friends.

They Will Own City7 OR Island7.

There Is ONLY Two Leaders: Pluto, And Madi.

Pluto And Madi Have Been Together Since August 20th, 2013, But Finally Got Together On May 21st, 2014, They Have Made This Clan For People Who Are Awesome, Caring, And Amazing.

Can I join? ~DiscordTheWolf

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