Tris is a griefer robin who was sighted in the cityscape late at night(or at least late night for me). She seems to be attacking for fun. She also caused quite a shitstorm.

Also, she is around 14 years old, according to her.

She has been sighted again in a cityscape, though not often.

An epic battle in the hillscape?!Edit

Understandably, she pissed off some roleplayers and clansmen. A wolf or dragon challenged her to a fight to the death in the hillscape. Many against one tris, the warriors moved to another server to fight tris.

A few hours later, a warrior flew back to the almost empty city to recruit help for fighting tris. One or two robins accepted and left.

Either Tris really is a hacker, or the warriors who ganged up on her really did suck. Probably the former, 'cause some of them were not robins or starlings.

Or maybe Tris refused their roleplay and killed them all.

Killing skillEdit

She dosen't appear to use any hacks, just skill that outclasses the pacifist residents of that city.


the yokai: We're under attack!

tris: Yeah, and they're all scared.

A victim(sorry, I can't remember your name...) :stop attacking us!"

tris: Whatever, you're too boring anyway.

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