Umbra - A tall, sweet, pale girl with high cheek bones. She is 22 years old, her birth day is october 22nd and she usually wears long pony tails, with turquoise ribbons braided in with her dark brown hair, she wears a short pink skirt with tassles at the bottom, with a matching blouse most of the times. Her eyes are a sparkling dark blue. She is brave and strong, you can almost never phych her out, and she is very smart.   She is married to Eric.

"Would you, Umbra, m-marry me?" ~~Eric to Umbra

"Oh, well, I'm sorry but... YES!" ~~Umbra to Eric

"We don't need music to dance, we just need the beat of our own hearts."~~Umbra to Eric

  • Umbra, the clever, brave and quick thinking girl~~~~

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