Undefined typed (undefined) is a Robin who is new to the Islands has already built up a reputation of being a killer.
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Undefined terrorizing the Islanders.

He is always a Robin and has had some clone attacks. Undefined aims for the bigger birds usually but on occasion can strike Robins or Starlings. Undefined has never been seen nesting but has killed many nesters. Undefined is not known to use any speed hacking and has never been seen fully killing a Robin. He strikes Robins once while eliminating all other birds that he can see. Undefined is a persistent returning bird.

Undefined as never said anything on the chat. Undfined will always attack anyone who pooed on him. His only enemies are nonames since he cannot see them and they can attack invisibly.

Tip: If you see Undefined and you are a bigger bird nesting, I would suggest leaving or changing into a Robin and then nest. I was a Macaw and once my egg hatched, it announced it on the chat and undefined immediately came and killed me. Most killers will go to Island 1 not Island 2. Island 2 is a good choice for a place to nest in. If you are a noname, try to kill undefined for a big challenge!


Movement Rating- 9/10

Poop Accuracy- 8/10

Maneuverability- 5/10

Time Flying- 90%

Time Walking- 10%