(we are the mystery pigeons) It has been a while since me and valerie have seen killers, but a strange noname robin appeared and he/she tried to kill both of us.While valerie went to a glitch in h5 i still tried fight this miserious killer robin with a strange way and was actually being creepy while saying things like this is the end of both you pigeons and welcome to a world of pain, neither of us knew what it ment, but it had to be trouble.We both went to i5 but the noname followed. This noname was creepy and maybe used hacks, but the codes of what he said was a mistery the killer was sighted by valerie in in4 and once the noname sees you it will follow you everywhere but if the noname is seen again, i will be adding to he article and the flock she created isnt going well. I am the only member to her flock. No one knows the code of us (mystery pigeons).

About the flock

Valerie, this is your space to write about our flock :)

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