Hello people of planet earth! -shmile- Musht know what day it is! I can't tell you. But i can tell you that a recent charrie was made, keep reading to know details, and check out Featherclaw, the recent dragon i made a few days ago. -Thank you for visiting this page, Speckelheart of MoonClan.- 

What is the topic charrie this fine friday? May not be friday where you're at but... let get on with dis crap. Topic is a wolf! Of course, i made these charries including features of friends from clans or other clans and legions. This one is basiclly the design of Echostar, my beshtie/leader. You'll find out her design here. The name is Whisper, if you're too bone-headed to see the title of this page that your eyes are staring at. No physical powers, can't control anything but does have somthing special, very legit for a abnormal wolf. Wings.

Detailed design: Large black she-wolf, white paws with stripes on her toes, deep blue eyes a large snout. Abnormally large and sharp fang-like teeth spiking her jaws. A white and black spotted underbelly with a striped silver and gray tail. Wings spanning 5 meters, striped with black and white like a snow tiger. One gray circle over left eye, blind in the other. One minty gray ear. Frame of her wings is spiked. Broad shoulders and  a buff body and fluffy fur. 

Her personality: Gental, roams the skies and rules them. Has no mate or kits (duh) Hostile if challenged and low tempered. 

Thanks, i'll make anothe rone after this. -Speckleheart, hope you like Whisper de Wolf! 

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