Willowshine is a famous flyer on the north section of F.L.A.B. 3. Her name is written like this: 'ωιℓℓσωѕнιηє.' She usually plays as a robin or a ringneck. She is still playing the game. Her favourite rooms are Industry7, CityScape3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.


Willowshine is one of the best new killers in the game. She   is certainly stirring things up! She won't follow the rules or commands of some of the most dangerous players F.L.A.B. 3. Willowshine is really fast and doesn't put up with any crap. Watch out for her next time you play the game, she is definitely becoming one of the most popular players in F.L.A.B 3!


Willowshine is very good friends with royal queens Kyle and Madi. She was best friends with seagulls DaMan and Mickey many moons ago when she was playing  a under a different name. But the friendship with these three didn't last forever... they and all their families soon set flight under different names in other CityScapes without telling poor Willowshine. Fuming, Willowshine set off on a quest to find them and kill them forever. She has not yet succeeded, but she still seeks revenge and is currently looking for them. She is planning on setting up a notorious Clan to help her find them.   


Who is Willowshine? What's a Royal Queen? =_= Famous flyer? Please, tell me who you are. And also, clans don't go notorious. It's impossible. ~ƛłἷƈἔ Ɓłᾄƈќ

Umm.. who are you.? -ωιℓℓσωѕнιηє

I am ƛłἷƈἔ Ɓłᾄƈќ, or AuraPhoenixx. I am the famed leader of the Diamond Legion, which is popular throughout the middle and lower scapes. We very rarely go up South. ~ƛłἷƈἔ Ɓłᾄƈќ

You do realize South is down, don't you? - ωιℓℓσωѕнιηє

Of course I do! ^^ But I prefer to be North. ~ƛłἷƈἔ Ɓłᾄƈќ

Yeah but you said, 'we rarely go UP SOUTH'

I've met Willowshine before, I think. I mean, her name is very familiar to me but maybe she's a famous flyer in the upper parts of flab? :/ -Dapplekit(sc

Perhaps. But I still have doubts. ~ƛłἷƈἔ Ɓłᾄƈќ

I haven't met her before. Possibly because I've been inactive for a month. -∂αякωιηgѕ

I usually play a robin called Willowshine, without the fancy letters, I am not that great of a flier due to an annoying lag. -Ravenpond

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