Wuuthrad (woo, th, raad) is a hermit crow who was in Nyra's pureone army before his friend Thejoker dropped out. He is now a crazy old bird who sometimes attacks for no reason and then apoligizes later. He is a daranged old coot but is very wise and expirianced. He welcomes visitors as long as they cause no harm to him.

Places to find him:

Hillscape(1): lives in the small cave.

Cityscape(1,2,3,4,5): lives under a trash can lid by the twin cans

Islandscape(1,2,3): lives in the volcano

Snowscape(1,2): lives in the barn

Reasons to find him

As I said he is very wise and is a problem solver,

He is a hireclaw (he can be hired to kill anything larger han a robin or starling),

He is a nesthelper (well sometimes)