Zodic Clan is clan in Fly like a Bird 3. Zodic Clan has some hackers, they are all friendly and nice. They like to help others when they are in danger of enemies, they help make nests to those who need help with their nests. They don't kill each other for fun. Zodic Clan is seen in City 1. The leader (OG) from Zodic Clan is ϟØVЄℛ♀ĿØℛÐϟ{Ẕ.Ĉ.Ŀ} (Cherie).


Zodic Clan


ZCL Friends


Zodic Clan has many friends:

'LEADER (OG): ϟØVЄℛ♀ĿØℛÐϟ{Ẕ.Ĉ.Ŀ}' (Cherie)

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